Law & Order: SVU Haikus

Benson on the case
Got her keys to the rape room
Perp is on the ropes

Somewhere in the world
there is an SVU on
Gives me great comfort

If this one’s about
Stabler’s wife and family
don’t bother watching

Statutory rape
on To Catch a Predator
Just a cheap knock-off

If there’s no TV
Offender Locator app
a nice substitute

This may surprise you
But Starved, Wet and Wanderlust
All episode names

She may not be gay
But Mariska Hargitay
lesbian dreamboat

I’d Rather Be Home
Sitting Watching SVU
Great bumper sticker

“Criminal Intent”
Just the poor man’s SVU
Needs more pedophiles

He ain’t no Brad Pitt
but Christopher Meloni
is handsome enough

It just so happens
that at this precise moment
Ten on the TiVo

I really like it
that famous rapper Ice-T
is token black guy

I wouldn’t watch one
that was set in Florida
Too terrifying

M.E. Warner was
wife in Devil’s Advocate
Definite step up

For Chola gang girls
Often the roles will go to
Jewish actresses

A bad episode
Lab created DNA
Total shark jumping

Remember the one
where the woman lost her dog?
Wait that’s all of them